A Promising New Treatment for Melasma

A Promising New Treatment for Melasma

Do you struggle with severe melasma? You know, that irritating condition where brown and grey patches crop up when you’re pregnant - and is really tricky to treat?

While our Nashville dermatology practice has a great track record of helping our melasma patients get to a good baseline, it takes time and care - and includes a combination of treatments. That’s why some recent research I came across about a new melasma treatment piqued my interest, and I’m excited to share it with you and my Nashville patients.

In a study with 44 patients who had moderate to severe melasma, the patients received placebo capsules and 250 mg of oral tranexamic acid (TA) twice daily for three months - in addition to sunscreen - followed by three months of using sunscreen only.

The results proved to be very positive: both groups had reductions in their melasma (49% in the treatment group, 18% in the placebo group) between their 3- and 6-month dermatology visits, during which time they only used sunscreen. This is great news for me, as applying sunscreen daily is something I’m very diligent about with all my Nashville dermatology patients, regardless of their condition - and I appreciate any research done to reinforce that practice.

It’s extremely interesting to see that an increasing number of articles are being written about the effectiveness of TA in reversing pigmentation, and proves that there’s really something here that’s working. Melasma causes darkening of the skin - usually on the face - due to sunlight, hormones and sometimes artificial light, but it is extremely hard to reverse and prevent.

If you do decide to take TA orally to see if it will work for you, I highly recommend practicing good skincare daily in Nashville. Remember: it is the combination of sun exposure and hormones that are the root of melasma! Here are some things you should always incorporate into your daily routine:

  • If you are outdoors, wear sunglasses or a broad-brimmed hat

  • Apply strong sun protection that contains zinc, such as the Likewise Moisturizing Defense cream, which features broad spectrum UVA/UBN SPF 50+ sunscreen protection.

  • It’s not just being outside you should worry about! Wear your sunscreen indoors as well - any light coming through windows at home or in your car make an impact on your skin too.

Do you need help treating your melasma? Visit us at Skin Solutions Dermatology in Nashville, Franklin, Columbia, Smyrna, Hendersonville or Pulaski to chat with our amazing team of dermatology specialists! Take advantage of our online booking system and book an appointment today.

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