Analyzing Salary Differences Between Male & Female Physicians

Analyzing Salary Differences Between Male & Female Physicians

As a female physician in Tennessee and a dermatologist at Skin Solutions Dermatology, I pride myself on being a woman working in the sciences.  With daughters of my own, I’m a big believer in equality. Unfortunately, however, women in my field are not always treated the same as their male counterparts when it comes to salary. In a study published this summer in JAMA Internal Medicine, it was found that female physicians at 24 U.S. public medical schools saw a significant salary differences compared to their male counterparts, even after adjustments for variables.

Researchers found that 3,549 female physicians had lower mean adjusted salaries than male physicians. After adjustment for several variables, the absolute difference was $19,878. That’s no small number! There was certainly variables across across specialties, institutions, and faculty ranks in salary differences.

Adjusted salaries were highest in:

  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • Surgical subspecialties
  • General surgery

Adjusted salaries were lowest in:

  • Infectious disease
  • Family medicine
  • Neurology

Positive associations for salary were seen with years of experience, total publications, clinical trial participation, and Medicare payments. "Significant sex differences in salary exist even after accounting for age, experience, specialty, faculty rank, and measures of research productivity and clinical revenue," the authors of the study wrote.

Physicians and dermatologists everywhere deserve fair pay, regardless of gender. I love my team of amazing men and women Dermatology Specialists at Skin Solutions Dermatology, and I want equality for any man or woman doing the same job with the same level of dedication and integrity. To meet one of our amazing male or female Dermatology Specialists, book an appointment with us today at Nashville, Franklin, Columbia, and Pulaski, Tennessee.

Source: JAMA Internal Medicine

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