Honesty in Our Kids Is Important Now, More Than Ever Before

Honesty in Our Kids Is Important Now, More Than Ever Before

A Nashville Dermatologist Discusses Raising Honest Children

One of the biggest stories that has come out of the recent American election is the rise of fake news. As an avid follower of the election, I personally found it increasingly difficult to keep up and distinguish fact from fiction. No matter how many news channels I subscribed to in Nashville or how many articles I read - sometimes the truth just wasn’t clear. With all the information coming our way, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to trust any source of information! As we approach the New Year, I wanted to take pause and reflect on what honesty really means to me as a parent - and what it means for our children.

Although I am a dermatologist in Nashville and not a psychiatrist, I came across a recent article that speaks to the nature of human dishonesty in quite a profound way that I felt was worth sharing for parents. The New York Times reported that research suggests individuals “who tell small, self-serving lies are likely to progress to bigger falsehoods, and over time, the brain appears to adapt to dishonesty.”

Essentially, the more lies we tell - the more we start to believe that they’re real. As depressing as this data is, it forces us to face the truth: for a lot of people, it might just be too late to curtail this kind of behavior. But for parents who are raising children in Nashville, we must try to be vigilant to holding them to a standard of honesty. In today’s world, there are so many questions about the path of humanity, and dishonesty does not help us forge great paths ahead.

As parents, we hold certain values dear to our hearts and can only hope to impart those values onto our children. For me, it has always been honesty. I have always expected my children to be honest, but with the results of this research, I’ll be sure to be more vigilant in spotting white lies and correcting them, before they have a chance to grow up believing that what they say is fact.

So as we approach the New Year, take a moment to reflect on our values in Nashville and what our children are going to become. After the emotional rollercoaster 2016 has taken us on, it’s important for parents now, more than ever, to make sure we raise our children to walk on honest paths with the values that we will be proud of.

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Source: The New York Times

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