How Itching at Night is Impacting You

How Itching at Night is Impacting You

Do you feel like you have itches you just can’t shake? Have children that can’t seem to stop itching? At my Nashville practice, I constantly see patients with this issue - and many times, no matter how hard we try, we just can’t figure out what’s causing it. The worst part? According to a new study, if it’s happening at night, it’s likely that it’s significantly disrupting your (or your children’s) quality of life.

In an analysis carried out by Dr. Lavery and colleagues and presented at the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting, his team set out to find out what exactly the impact of nighttime itching had on patients and why it was happening. Here’s some key learning points:

- Eczema, psoriasis and itching on upper arms were common conditions that co-occurred with nighttime itching

- Patients itched much more at night compared to during the day 

- Severe sleep disturbance was highly correlated with the severity of nighttime itching

This study comes as no surprise to me and other dermatologists, however, it’s what you can do about it that really matters. I find it troubling to see children, in particular, in Nashville who are unable to get enough sleep due to nighttime itching, as it is incredibly detrimental to their health. If your child struggles with eczema or nighttime itching, I encourage you to see your Nashville dermatologist and seek out medication to help them sleep better. While parents are often hesitant to take this route, I believe it’s better to take medication to control the itch to ensure their child gets a good night’s sleep instead of scratching all night, staying awake and impairing development.

Still have more questions, and want to learn more about how you can alleviate your itching or help your child to stop scratching at nighttime? Please visit us at Skin Solutions Dermatology in Nashville, Franklin, Columbia, Smyrna, Hendersonville or Pulaski to chat with our amazing team of dermatology specialists! Take advantage of our online booking system and book an appointment today.

Source: Practice Update Dermatology

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