Skin Solutions Strokes - Nut Intake Associated with Fewer Strokes

Skin Solutions Strokes - Nut Intake Associated with Fewer Strokes

Skin Solutions Strokes

Skin Solutions Strokes - An analysis of several recent studies has shown that nut intake is associated with reduced risk of strokes. Published in the journal Scientific Reports in July, the study was authored by Chuan Shao, of the Department of Neurosurgery at Nanchong Central Hospital in Sichuan, China, and colleagues.

The authors said that their analysis aimed to investigate the link between nut consumption and stroke risk. From the US to China, Australia and Italy, the studies were carried out in six countries for a total of 14 studies. The researchers found that the publications provided evidence that nut intake is inversely associated with risk of stroke.

They then theorized that the nutritional value of nuts, along with emerging evidence that points to nut’s beneficial effect on the vascular system, could be the reason for the connection. However, they were unable to find enough information about whether different types of nuts had different effects on strokes risk, but suggested that studies in the future should think about examining the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capacity of various nuts.

The reviewers do also caution that due to the high fat content of nuts, consuming a lot of them may lead to weight gain. However, they added that “there is considerable scientific evidence that frequent ingestion of nuts did not have adverse effects on energy balance or body weight.”

Even though I am a dermatologist,  I think it’s important to communicate this message and ensure my readers know how big a role food can play when it comes to your health. Strokes can be sudden, deadly and life-altering - but maybe research like this can help nudge us in the right direction.

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