Skin Solutions Sunscreen - Do Sunscreen Pills Work?

Skin Solutions Sunscreen - Do Sunscreen Pills Work?

Skin Solutions Sunscreen

Skin Solutions Sunscreen - Sunscreen is necessary, but we all know that it can be annoying as well - having to apply and reapply sunscreen lotion can certainly get tiresome. That’s why we’ve seen some turn to alternative sunscreen products, such as edible pills like Heliocare and beverages like UVO. We had also considered trying them out in our office, but first we had to question - how efficient are they?

Dr. David J. Leffell, the chief of dermatologic surgery and cutaneous oncology at the Yale School of Medicine, understands the appeal of these alternative sunscreen products. “If you tell someone, ‘You can take this pill before you go out or you can drink this nice, refreshing, berry-flavored drink,’ they are hearing ‘magic bullet,’” he said. “They think, ‘I’ll drink this, and then I can do whatever I want because I’ll be protected.’”

However, he continued, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that these products function as sun protectors. Given that most of these sunscreen products are considered dietary supplements and not medicines, they don’t have to go through the rigorous testing process that is required to receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Presently, there is not enough information available to analyze the effectiveness of these alternative products. It does make us realize that alternatives are necessary though, if people are so willing to try an easier way to gain sun protection in a less time-consuming way. In a recent study released by the American Academy of Dermatology last year found that only 14.3 percent of men and about 30 percent of women reported that they regularly used sunscreen.

Until we know that these products are fully tested and successful, we would be uncomfortable recommending them to our patients. Don’t be fooled - be sure to do your research before you think about substituting your sunscreen for another product.

If you are concerned about using alternative sunscreen products and want to speak to a provider, please visit our Dermatology specialists at one of our locations in Middle Tennessee: NashvilleFranklinColumbia, and Pulaski.


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