The April Scoop at SSD

The April Scoop at SSD

Join us at PuppyUp on May 5th

Come join Skin Solutions Dermatology at the PuppyUp event on Saturday, May 5th to help us raise awareness and funds for Canine Cancer Research. We will have a booth filled with samples, educational information, raffle prizes and goodies for both owners and dogs!

When: Saturday, May 5th 2018
Where: Edwin Warner Park, Nashville
Time: Walk begins at 11AM, wraps up with a Puppy Jam at 2PM. Check-in begins at 9.30AM.

This event hits close to home with our staff - Mandy, a nurse at our Franklin location, recently received a cancer diagnosis for her furry companion Bacardy. When her border collie/Australian shepherd mix started favoring one leg when walking, they discovered a tumor on her back leg. During surgery, her vet found the mass had spread, and was more characteristic of cancer. 

The diagnosis was confirmed with a biopsy. Bacardy is now recovering from amputation and adjusting well! Mandy hopes that through canine cancer research, an early diagnosis and an increased longevity for dogs can be achieved. Click here to help donate to this cause, or to join our PuppyUp team!

Announcing the winners of our NCAA pool...

We have been running an office-wide NCAA basketball tournament pool this season, and we have our star winner: Hannah Sitter, PA-C! She picked three of the Final Four: Michigan, Villanova, Kansas! Lucky for her, it didn’t matter that she picked her dear home state of Arizona to win... Because she couldn’t be caught!

A big thank you to Mandy for organizing this friendly competition and we appreciate all the time and effort she put into this fun activity for our team.

Congratulations, Hannah. Say hi to her at our Brentwood location!

Did you know that you can visit Hannah, Dr. Pena and Kelly Caudle, PA at our Brentwood office? It's a cozy office that we all enjoy working at! Hannah has established herself as the go-to person in Brentwood for fillers, Botox, and Kybella. She is a true artist and if you're thinking of trying any of these treatments, be sure to book your consult before summer arrives! You'll be in the best hands.

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