The Cause of Your Dry Hands Isn’t What You’d Expect

The Cause of Your Dry Hands Isn’t What You’d Expect

Hand sanitizers are everywhere you look in Nashville, and as a result, we have become increasingly dependent on them as our quick go-to hand-washing fix. But it has come at a price: according to the New York Times, ingestion of hand sanitizer is on the rise. Over 19,000 reported instances of hand sanitizer ingestion have been recorded in 2015, a majority of which “involve children who may have just licked their hands after rubbing hand sanitizer on them, tasted it by accident or inhaled it.”

Now, the Food and Drug Administration will be studying the safety and efficacy of hand sanitizers, and has asked manufacturers for information about the active ingredients. This comes as no surprise to me - as a dermatologist in Nashville, I actually see a different outcome of overusing hand sanitizer: hand eczema. Since so many of our patients use it all the time, the amount of people coming in with hand eczema has definitely increased as a result.

In general, I make sure not to have hand sanitizers in my home in Nashville, since they really do cause too much dryness, and they aren’t as effective as we think. While hand sanitizer will quickly reduce the number of germs on your hands in certain situations, it definitely does not kill all types of microbes.

To avoid hand eczema, I would strongly advise against using hand sanitizer so frequently, and to wash your hands with a normal amount of soap and water instead. If you are already dealing with hand eczema or dry hands in general, I would recommend using the Cerave Hydrating Cleanser (soaps that create lather dry the skin more than soaps that don’t form suds - this product is suds free), and applying the Elta Intense Moisturizer (“Melting”) Tube immediately after washing your hands.

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Source: New York Times

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