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Employee Spotlight: JoEllyn Dyson, PA-C

We're thrilled to highlight our longtime employee, JoEllyn Dyson, who has now been with the Skin Solutions Dermatology family for 12 years! We're lucky to have her, and she has been an integral part of our team throughout our journey as we have continued to grow and expand.

She has now practiced dermatology at Skin Solutions in Franklin, TN as our Physician Assistant for over a decade, garnering quite the patient following. You may also recognize her from her win on the show Let's Make a Deal!

In her own words – here's what she loves to do when she's not working (and her favorite thing about SSD - she couldn't help herself):

"I enjoy traveling overseas, London, going to Brown Bag for lunch, and spending time with my HUGE family. My patients at Skin Solutions mean the world to me. I tear up thinking about not seeing them if I ever retire! The family feel and knowing that we try our best to treat our patients is my favorite part of Skin Solutions Dermatology."

JoEllyn with her beautiful family!

And given that Thanksgiving around the corner, we wanted to know...

With such a large family, do you have a Thanksgiving Family tradition that you can share with us?

"For Thanksgiving, my family tradition is for everyone to gather to eat Nigerian or Indian food!" (Fun fact: JoEllyn grew up in Nigeria!)

thanksgiving at ssd

Speaking of Thanksgiving...

If you've been popping into SSD recently, you may have seen our patients filling out forms where we ask them about what they're thankful for this year!

Here's a teaser of some of the great answers we received:

What's your favorite part of the holidays this year?
  • The turkey! The pumpkin pie! All the food.
  • Time with loved ones
  • Time off from school
  • Black Friday shopping
  • Being around my family and enjoying a good meal together
What are you *most* thankful for, this year?
  • My kitten!
  • My life :)
  • Life with my wife of 47 years!
  • Everything - my family, health, life and job
  • Having a less stressful year
  • My health
  • AllState Insurance - I'm in good hands
  • My health and my family loving me so much
  • I haven't been sick this year!
If someone comes to mind: tell us about one person at SSD that you're thankful for, and why :)
  • Tricia Baker is nice!
  • Lauren and Kelsey for seeing me last minute before my trip :)
  • JoEllyn for her great attitude
  • Mandy is amazing, she takes great care of me.
  • Dr. Pena - she did a great job on my surgery!
  • Kelsey! She won't stop trying to clear up my rash!
  • All the employees :)
  • Ashley Chapman - she talks about her job all the time, and how much she loves it.
Why is gratitude important to you?
  • It's important to appreciate things in life
  • It makes me happy to see others happy
  • Everyday that goes by where we aren't wiped out by an asteroid or killed by a pandemic virus is a gift!
  • It makes you feel good and appreciative, and means you're doing a great job
  • It's important to be grateful for all the good things in life God provides.
Stay tuned for our Thanksgiving blog post, where the SSD employees will share with you what they are thankful for this year!

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