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Hendersonville Spotlight: Ashley Heinly

Ashley Heinly is our Hendersonville nurse practitioner. She is driven by helping others feel better! When she sees the amazing results her patients get months after she has listened to them closely and tried to get them to their end goal, it's truly the most rewarding feeling.

She lives in Hendersonville with her lovely family and dog. You can find her at soccer games, lacrosse games or out walking her dog! She absolutely loves taking care of the needs of people living in her own community.

Meet our Hendersonville team!

Left to right: Heather, Jeffrey and Ashley P.

Heather is one of our Hendersonville nurses! She enjoys spending time with her family, doing yoga and going to music shows. The parts she likes most about working with SSD is assisting with surgeries and the hands-on aspect of the clinic. She loves that she can work 4 days a week, and get to enjoy the holidays with her family.

Ashley Polk
Ashley is also one of our Hendersonville nurses. She loves bowling, spending time with friends and family and rooting on the Tennessee Titans! Her favorite part of her job is learning from the patients by getting to know them and how we can help them. She loves all of her coworkers (not just at Hendersonville)!

Jeffrey is our patient service representative! He truly enjoys spending time with his three nieces and one nephew. His nieces and nephew are his babies, so he has to spoil them with everything. He loves his coworkers at SSD, and they're family to him. Together, he feels they make a great team helping each other out!

A big thank you to our Hendersonville team for all the great work they do! Have you been to our Hendersonville office yet? Pop in and say hello!

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