What Our Team Is Thankful For

We don't take Thanksgiving lightly around here – and with gratitude being the theme of our month, we'd love to share what our team is thankful for this year with you!

These answers were compiled from our employees.

Our favorite part of the Thanksgiving every year:

- All the food

- Time with loved ones

What we're most thankful for:

- Family

- Family, friends, babies in some bellies, and not being in school anymore!

- Family, Larry Wayne and Lulu

- New marriage!

SSD Team Shout-Outs:

- Love all the staff - Kirstin, Melissa, Katie, Katherine

- Vanna - she is a ray of sunshine and always has the best skin tips.

- Caityln Jacobs - no matter how hectic her day gets, I know without a doubt thatwe can work through it and have fun!

- Ashley Heinly - she has been a great friend to me over the years and I'm excited to work with her again

Why gratitude is important to us:

- It's always great to show appreciation!

- Gratitude is the feeling that acknowledges all the good in our life

We thank you for sharing with us this November, and we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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