Accutane (Isotretinoin)


You will take Accutane for five to six months.

Taking Accutane with food or milk increases its absorption.

As close to 1 mg /kg as possible for optimal results


You should not take Accutane if you are pregnant or nursing.



Tetracyclines including Minocycline and Doxycycline*

Vitamin A-Tazorac, Differin, Retin-A, Retin-A micro

*If you are taking one of these, inform the medical providers, and stop taking them at least 1 week before starting Accutane.


Side Effects                                                            Helpful Remedies

·   Dry lips                               90%                        Moisturize w/Vanicream lip balm or Clinique Medical lip balm.

·   Dry skin                              80%                        Cleanse face-Effaclar/Glytone/Toleriane, apply Hydraphase nightly.       

·   Hair thinning                       <10%

·   Skin infection                      5%

·   Sun sensitivity                     5%                           Apply LaRoche Spring Water & Elta UV Shield every morning.

·   Poor wound healing


·   Dry eyes                                 40%                      Using Gen Teal gel at night can help.

·   Irritation with contact lenses.                               You may need to remove your lenses earlier in the day.

·   Change in vision                                                 Notify our office.


·   Bone/joint pain       16%                                      If not relieved with Tylenol, notify our office.

·   Headache                                                             If not relieved with Tylenol, notify our office.

·   Depression                                                          Notify our office.


·   Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting                      Notify our office.


·   Birth Defects                                                       Do not take if pregnant.  Notify our office.

·   Elevated triglycerides                                          Oral cholesterol meds as neccessary